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Classification of sex services


Sexual services are the services of the body. They are provided by prostitutes and individuals. Relate to the category of sex services and intimate activities for money or reward. Sexual and intimate relationships for mutual sympathy are usually considered love and a desire to thank the partner with the sexual diversity of poses and relationships.
Among the questionnaires of the site are elite prostitutes in Kiev. They perform almost all the sexual services listed below in the article. The offer is relevant for the city of Kiev.



Sex services:

Sex classic 

Sex anal

Group sex

Sex lesbian

Services family couple

Blowjob in a condom

Blowjob without a condom


Blowjob in the car


Sex Toy

Cum on the chest

Cum on face

Cum in mouth

 Classic Sex

Classic Sex
The girl lies on her back, spreading her legs, the man from above. The so-called missionary position. It has more than 50 options. This position is the most popular in the world among established sexual couples. It is considered to be its simplest and most effective for getting an orgasm.

Sex anal

Анальный секс
The man inserts his dick into the anus of the partner (the girl, the man). It is common among homosexuals. Also there are lovers of the "elastic hole" because of the fact that in women over 30 years the vaginal muscles become weaker and not so tightly around the penis of the man. Because of what to finish in a vagina the man can not. For anal sex requires special training. It is necessary to conduct procedures for cleaning the anus from possible secretions. Also purchase lubricants in advance. It is necessary to know the technique of developing the anus and entering the penis into it. 


 Sex group

Group sex
Male-Female-Male, Female-Male-Female and other variations, when the sexual partners participating in sexual intercourse are more than 2 people. It is practiced for love by students and students. Prostitutes perform this service trying to earn extra money. Usually in saunas.

 Lesbian Sex

Sex of two girls or women. As a rule, it is popular among fans to watch. And also wanting to taste sex with two girls, having first looked at their sexual games and relationships. Real lesbians are always divided into a lesbian man and a lesbian woman. Lesbians playing the role of male-man-like and in character and dress.

 Services for couples

Services of sex for married couple
A married couple who is full of sexual relations agrees to accept a third member in her sexual collective. They can be both a girl and a guy. And it is possible to unite in two pairs for having sex with 4 people: Man-Woman-Man-Woman

 Condoms blowjob

Condoms blowjob
Blowjob in a condom or oral sex. As a rule, a girl or woman puts a condom on her erect penis or hands on an excited male organ. Then performs various movements of the oral cavity-sucking the sexual facet, holding the tongue, starting from the scrotum and ending with the head of the penis. And just as tightly wraps his lips member depicting the vagina and performs translational frictions.
Sucks cock through a condom

 Oral without gum

Blowjob without a condom. Makes a young girl
Oral sex without a condom implies trust in each other or that the prostitute is confident in her health. Often clients ask prostitutes to suck their penis without a condom.

Deep throating deep

Deepthroating deep. With a throat
Deep blowjob makes professional prostitutes. To perform this service, a man's penis is inserted deep into the woman's throat. For this, there is a certain position and requirements, as in anal sex. It is necessary to know what and how to do. Therefore, we recommend before you train in this direction in detail to learn everything.

 Blowjob in the car

Blowjob in the car
Oral sex is done in the car. There are various options, one of them a man drives a car and at this time the girl sucks at his cock.


Licking the genitals girl
The category "Lizuny" they like to satisfy women. Lick vagina and clitoris of girls, women.


Sex toys for self-satisfaction
Various rings, nozzles and the like to increase the brightness of sexual impressions.
Anal sex toys

 Ending on the chest

Cum between breasts of a woman
The results of orgasm (sperm) fall on the chest of a sexual partner.

 Ending on the face

I put the cum on the face of a prostitute
As a rule, after blowjob, the man takes out the sexual organ and ends the sperm on the girl's face. Service by prior arrangement.

Ending in the mouth

Cumshot in the mouth. Oral sex posture 69
Cum in your mouth can usually after a blowjob or classic sex, feeling the approach of an orgasm member is inserted into the partner's mouth. There are options for this sex.
Sex is diverse and diverse. We reviewed the basic sex services.
 Recall! Many of the pre-services are prostitutes by prior arrangement. There are in this area both their diversity and their focus on sexual partners (girl, man). A full range of relationships can be shown both in photographs and it is not possible to describe here. We hope that we have made some clarity and understanding of what services are provided by prostitutes and individuals. Often, the services of the body turn out to be without sex. With romantic sex, in addition to the services of the body, the girls have an impact on the emotional sphere of the partner.
 Elite harlots love each client. Sincerely and selflessly. Emotionally opening up before a partner. They give their affection and tenderness. Through life, they are leaders and skillful actresses. As an example you can watch the movie "Honest Courtesan". In it you will see an example of an elite slut of the 15th century.
Elite slut

Thank you for your attention to our article.
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